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Innovator Profile Management

With our simple to use online management system, you'll be able to easily invite employees to take the HI Assessment and view the results of each assessment. You can also create new teams, add new members to existing teams, and visualize team creative realtionships with our Team Cohesion Map.


  • Having an online portal to invite, view, and manage the assessment taking process lowers stress and speeds positive outcomes
  • Access to Cognitive Flexibility Index provides valuable insights into how individuals process new information
  • Availability of Team Player Index for all assessment takers makes forming high performing teams a breeze.

Persona Productivity Primer

Before they can work effectively as a team, individuals need to better understand their own best paths to being socially creative, while also developing an appreciation for how different creative personas relate to one another. Our 60-minute Primer is the first step on the path to problem solving success as a team.


  • Team members experience the power of a facilitator-led empathy mapping session to uncover hidden perspectives, opinions, and beliefs.
  • Understanding how both your own and others' personas process information and express themselves creatively can reduce anxiety and enhance engagement.
  • Experientially learning new concepts and ideas can lead to deeper understanding.

Team Building and Member Training

Once people have a solid grasp of the strengths and weaknesses of each creative persona, you have the option to expand their problem solving capabilities by taking part in online team building and Design Thinking workshops that prepare members to quickly identify and effectively tackle internal or client-facing issues.


  • Team members learn how Design Thinking principles can be used to address workplace challenges in new and more productive ways.
  • Managers learn how to optimally assemble teams of diverse individuals.
  • Through experiental learning, workshop participants gain skills and insights that can be applied to an unlimited number of future challenges.
HI Team Graph

advanced team-building tools

You have access to three powerful features that help guide the creation and performance of high performing teams and they all work together to ensure the best end result: meaningful innovations!

team dynamics actuator (tda)
Creative Profile
team player score (tps)
Team Player Index
cognitive flexibility score (cfs)
Cognitive Flexibility Index
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innovators are built, not born

It's more than being creative, it's being creatively productive, together.

team player score (tps)
team player index (tpi)

An individual can be innovative, yet incapable of effectively working with others to achieve collective goals. The Team Player Index was created to include a measurement of an individual’s communication skills, alongside emotional intelligence, candor, and a willingness to collaborate with others.

cognitive flexibility score (cfs)
cognitive flexibility index (cfi)

Perseverance and openness are key to one’s ability to think creatively and abstractly. Flexibility in thought allows us to get along with others, think up new ways of problem solving, and potentially try new ways of doing things. Innovation and creativity rely on a person’s ability to think about something in different ways.


The HI For Teams portal allows you to fully manage the process, from sending assessment invites to forming teams and tracking results.


Three is better than one when it comes to the methods used to reliably assemble high performing teams.


You can build teams using our powerful Team Cohesion Map to help decide who should be working together.


Take the guesswork out of the solutioning process by relying on a science-based, evidence-validated assessment to start building teams.


Working with only three core personas makes it quick and easy for team members to learn how to effectively work together.


When it comes time to expand your team-building efforts across the organization, you'll have HI Enterprise to guide the way.

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