How it Works

Understanding your persona is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you’ve decided to advance your organization’s innovation efforts, we’ll sit down with you to discuss how Hidden Innovators™ can be applied to your unique needs. We’ll cover:

Participant Selection

Determine which and how many people within your organization should take the assessment, and which of those individuals will take part in the first training session and workshop. Those that don’t take part initially can still participate in later Hidden Innovator activities.

Challenge Definition & Selection

Next, we’ll work with you to determine which of the challenges you’re currently facing would serve as good candidates for the Innovation Workshop.

Scheduling & Logistics

Finally, we’ll review dates for scheduling the first program. While we recommend conducting both the training sessions and workshop on the same day, it is possible to break them up into two days, with a half-day sessions on each day.

Innovator Profile Assessment

Many innovative people remain hidden within organizations. Our easy, quick assessment uncovers an individual's ideal creative role, and which existing innovator profile(s) they most closely match.

Profile Coaching

Individuals make up a team, and understanding them is paramount to the team's success. Our profiles provide intelligent structure that creates deeper relationships, interactions, and productivity among innovators.

Team Modeling

An effective team is a group of people who trust each other, so great teams must be built from the ground up. Combining our profiles and individual assessments eliminates much of the trash associated with building innovative teams.

Team Coaching

Great teams require psychological safety, dependability, structure & clarity, meaningful work, and obvious impact. Learning to work together effectively is the first step toward establishing all of these.

Innovation Workshop

Individuals, roles, and processes combine to make an effective team prepared to tackle wicked problems. The structured introduction of problems, and processes to dig into them, begins creating a true culture of innovation.