Design Thinking

Design Thinking forms the core of the Hidden Innovators™ process, and gives all of the Innovator Personas an opportunity to contribute and be appreciated. Simply put, design thinking is a process, applicable to all facets of life, that can be used to create new and innovative ideas and solve vexing everyday challenges. It isn’t limited to a particular industry or area of expertise. Originally developed at Stanford University, it is a science-based, human-centric problem solving methodology that has been proven successful for nearly 60 years. Hidden Innovators™ enhances the established principles of design thinking by recognizing the strengths of each of our Innovator Personas and providing a focused, structured way to apply these strengths to the established innovation process. Combining the right people with the right process allows companies to assemble better teams, better understand problems, and generate the best possible solutions.




What is really needed?

Dive deep to uncover the fundamental issues that drive needs.


Why is it important to humans?

Discard assumptions and put yourself in other people's shoes.


How do we improve lives?

Pull from diverse backgrounds to generate innovative ideas.


What do we do right now?

Create the smallest thing that can prove (or disprove) your ideas.


Did it work?

Use what you've built to validate it as a solution to your needs.