The Science of Social Creativity

“Hidden Innovator training changed the way I understand and work with my team.”
Haley Medved Kendrick, PhD
Director of Innovate Birmingham

How it Works

Understanding your persona is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you’ve decided to advance your organization’s innovation efforts, we’ll sit down with you to discuss how Hidden Innovators™ can be applied to your unique needs.

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What's Your Innovator Profile?

Many innovative people remain hidden within organizations. Our easy, quick assessment uncovers an individual's ideal creative role, and which existing innovator profile they most closely match.

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How do you decide on the right mix of people to effectively tackle the challenges you face daily?

Benefits of Social Creativity

Here are some ways to apply meaningful innovation that creates real impact:

  • Develop new products or services that rock the market
  • Solve workplace challenges that impede productivity
  • Conceive new ways to sell smarter, faster, and more cost-effectively
  • Uncover opportunities for expanding market reach

Can your organization benefit from being more innovative?

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Innovator Personas


Able to solution by ridding themselves of conventional constraints to allow for thinking big.


With a blast of action they build, test, and repeat until their curiosity is appeased.


The deep thinker, especially when it comes to specific topics or skills in which have extensive expertise.

What are you?
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Research Whitepaper

The Innovator Profile Assessment is a self-report instrument that determines the most probabilistic problem-solving approach a person manifests when confronted with challenges. It provides key information about the psychological and behavioral tactics a person is likely to take when solution-oriented imagination is required.

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About Design Thinking

Simply put, design thinking is a process, applicable to all facets of life, that can be used to create new and innovative ideas and solve vexing everyday challenges. At Hidden Innovators we’ve taken a slightly different approach.

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