Because Innovators are Built, not Born

Hidden Innovators™ is a collection of tools and processes that empower organizations to create meaningful, impactful innovations in partnership with their employees.

We combined decades of experience in innovative team building, behavioral psychology, and outcomes research to create a full-cycle innovation development program that jump-starts innovation efforts and complements initiatives that are already underway. Now we are combining this program with sessions that introduce companies, teams, and individuals to the language and behaviors of innovation.

Interested in learning more? Below are the key steps in the program.

Innovator Profile Survey

Many innovative people remain hidden within organizations. Our easy, quick assessment uncovers an individual's ideal creative role, and which existing innovator profile(s) they most closely match.

Profile Coaching

Individuals make up a team, and understanding them is paramount to the team's success. Our profiles provide intelligent structure that creates deeper relationships, interactions, and productivity among innovators.

Team Modeling

An effective team is a group of people who trust each other, so great teams must be built from the ground up. Combining our profiles and individual assessments eliminates much of the trash associated with building innovative teams.

Team Coaching

Great teams require psychological safety, dependability, structure & clarity, meaningful work, and obvious impact. Learning to work together effectively is the first step toward establishing all of these.

Innovation Workshop

Individuals, roles, and processes combine to make an effective team prepared to tackle wicked problems. The structured introduction of problems, and processes to dig into them, begins creating a true culture of innovation.

How Does it Work?

Once you've decided to advance your internal innovation efforts, we'll sit down with you to discuss how Hidden Innovators can be applied to your unique needs. We'll typically cover the items:

  • Participant Selection: Determine which and how many people within your organization should take the assessment, and which of those individuals will take part in the first training session and workshop. Those that don't take part initially can still participate in later Hidden Innovator activities
  • Challenge Definition & Selection: Next, we'll work with you to determine which of the challenges you're currently facing would serve as good candidates for the Innovation Workshop.
  • Scheduling & Logistics: Finally, we'll review dates for scheduling the first program. While we recommend conducting both the training sessions and workshop on the same day, it is possible to break them up into two days, with a half-day sessions on each day.
Benefits of Meaningful Innovation

Innovation is traditionally defined as "the introduction of something new." But simply creating new things doesn't necessarily result in value to the organization. To create meaningful innovation that creates real impact, we've redefined innovation as "a new, productive behavior that overcomes adversity." With that definition in mind, here are some ways our client have applied it to their organizations:

  • To develop new products or services that rock the market
  • To solve workplace challenges that impede productivity
  • To find new ways to sell more of whatever you do
  • To uncover opportunities for expanding your market reach

Can your organization benefit from being more innovative?

Let us show you how to uncover the hidden potential in your workforce and begin developing a culture of innovation that enables you to transform your organization and industry.

Design Thinking

Simply put, design thinking is a process, applicable to all facets of life, that can be used to create new and innovative ideas and solve vexing everyday challenges. It isn't limited to a particular industry or area of expertise. Originally developed at Stanford University, it is a science-based, human-centric problem solving methodology that has been proven successful for nearly 60 years. In developing Hidden Innovators, we sought to enhance the established principles of design thinking by creating a science-based assessment and team training methodology that has been proven to be effective in speeding the innovation process through crafted team dynamics.




What is really needed?

Dive deep to uncover the fundamental issues that drive needs.


Why is it important to humans?

Discard assumptions and put yourself in other people's shoes.


How do we improve lives?

Pull from diverse backgrounds to generate innovative ideas.


What do we do right now?

Create the smallest thing that can prove (or disprove) your ideas.


Did it work?

Use what you've built to validate it as a solution to your needs.

How Does it Work?

Humans are naturally creative. They also have a tendency to form teams to solve pressing problems and to look for new ways to do things. It's also true that all organizations long for creative problem solving. So if organizations are looking for creativity, and people are naturally creative, where's the disconnect?

Research has shown that creativity manifests in different ways. Some people prefer to "think" first, while others prefer to "feel" first, and still others prefer to "do" first. These preferences and the associated behaviors are called "personas" and just like individuals, teams and organizations large and small display them with predictable consistency. We've developed a process to not only identify your hidden innovators, but train them to work together in teams to see the world in a new light and to solve pressing challenges that arise in your business every day.

Hidden Innovators Personas
Why Two Ravens?

We're an innovation agency with a passion for helping organizations to realize their full potential through the application of science-based, human-centric problem-solving techniques and methodologies. We've worked with large, global organizations and newly-minted startups and the result are always the same: fresh, new approaches to vexing challenges, which leads to world-class innovations that rapidly move the organization forward.

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